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Past Incidents

7th May 2022

No incidents reported

6th May 2022

Liverpool Wolstenholme Square Block D,E

We are currently investigating a performance issue on an underground cable link. Engineers are estimated to be on-site by 8 pm this evening to investigate the root cause and provide a resolution.

  • Issue resolved

  • Engineers have located a damaged cable. This has been repaired and services should now be restored. We will now monitor

  • Engineers are struggling to locate the issue but are continuing to investigate

  • Engineers have arrived on-site they are now conducting some preliminary investigations.

  • Our engineers are currently delayed due to inclement weather on the route. We are now estimating arrival at 8.30 pm.

  • 5th May 2022

    No incidents reported

    4th May 2022

    No incidents reported

    3rd May 2022

    No incidents reported

    2nd May 2022

    Liverpool Quuensland Place Outage

    Queensland Place Accommodation is experiencing an outage. Engineers are investigating

  • Our engineers have replaced the faulty router and service has been restored. If your device still does not have access we recommend disabling the Wifi or restarting the device.

  • Engineers have arrived on-site. Investigations have found a core router on-site has failed the engineers are currently working to replace the faulty equipment.

  • Our engineers have updated they are approx 30minutes from Queensland Place.

  • Our engineers have been unable to communicate with the equipment on-site. The on-site team has restarted the equipment to no avail. Our engineers have now been dispatched to the site. An update is due at 11.30pm

  • 1st May 2022

    No incidents reported

    30th April 2022

    DNS Services Social Media Apps feeds not updating or access restricted (Liverpool)

    Some social media apps will open but not load data or refresh. The issue appears to be linked to Facebook and Instagram. We are currently investigating the issue which appears to have been happening intermittently over the last 24 hours and is only affecting some areas of Liverpool

  • Testing resolution