Copperas House Sunday 15th January 2023 21:06:00

We are aware of an issue affecting a subset of users within the Copperas House accommodation. We are working with our connectivity partners to increase the capacity provided to this location. However, for reasons beyond our control, this order has been delayed. We awaiting a new date from the supplier for the work to be completed.

We request that you refrain from running multiple speed tests at this location during this time as it places additional strain on the infrastructure, exacerbating the issue.

We have been offered an earlier date by our partners of Tuesday 24th of January and accepted. Works have now been rescheduled to this date. Customers affected will be contacted by email with more information on this shortly.

We have been notified of a new date from our partners of Wednesday 25th January. Emails are to be sent shortly to customers that are in the affected areas.