North Thoresby (Lincolnshire) Friday 17th June 2022 16:34:00

Reports of loss of service in parts of North Thoresby village. Engineers have been dispatched to the area to investigate. We will update this status page as we receive more information from the engineers

Services have been stable for 12 hours.

Mains power has again been lost in North Thoresby. Services impacted. ETA from Northern Power Grid is 1pm

Norther Power Grid has now restored power to the cabinet. We are monitoring the situation closely.

Update received from Northern Power Grid that mains power is expected to be reinstated circa 12 Midnight. Service is being maintained via alternative power source, but we remain 'at risk' until mains power is restored

The backup power supply for the purpose of power failures has failed. Engineers are investigating the reason for this. Power has been restored temporarily via an alternative source and services should reinstate. Northern Power have advised they are working on reinstating mains' power by 6pm this evening. Until mains power is restored services are marked as significantly at risk.

Service has been impacted due to a loss of power at the telecoms cabinet. Engineers are investigating cause.