Outage Brunswick Park - Liverpool Friday 20th November 2020 09:41:49

Our monitoring systems have picked up an outage of part of the site at the Brunswick Park Complex. We believe this is related to power and Building management are currently investigating this. We hope to have an update shortly.

Services have now been restored.

All faulty equipment has now been replaced. Engineers are now configuring the equipment. Next steps will be to test the equipment and bring services back online.

50% of the equipment has now been replaced. Next steps are to replace the other element of the faulty equipment then configure and test

Engineering team 2 have arrived on site.

3pm Engineering team 1 deem equipment to be damaged, requiring replacement. 4pm Engineering team 2 have been dispatched to site with replacement equipment.

We believe that a power surge has now created a malfunction in a piece of hardware. We are currently working with our local team to investigate this.

The power to the building has once again tripped, the building management team are currently investigating this.

Building management have restored power to the mains board. Apologies for any inconvenience.