ITY2309008 - THN Core Router Replacement Maintenance Sunday 7th July 2024 14:23:00

Our Networks Operations team will complete essential emergency maintenance works between 12:30 am and 6:00 am on Monday 8th July 2024.

Our early monitoring has indicated an issue which requires us to swap out Core Network Equipment in our primary data centre Telehouse North.

This critical operation is essential to ensure the continued reliability, security, and optimal performance of our internet services.

During the window, you may lose access to services for a few minutes. Customers who have phone service are advised to turn the router off and back on at the wall after 6am.

All services are restored. If you are still experiencing an issue with your internet service please contact our support team. If you are a landline customer and experiencing issues with inbound or outbound calls then please power off your router for 30 seconds and power it back on again and your issue should resolve. Again, if this does not work please contact our support team

All required work has now been completed. Our team are now making final changes to the equipment and watching restoration of all services. Updates to follow

Service impacting works have now commenced. Updates to follow

Works have commenced, all Customer internet services remain unaffected at this time

Engineers have arrived at Telehouse North and are preparing for works to commence

No customer services are currently impacted.