Liverpool Sunday 5th November 2023 22:27:00

Our monitoring has indicated a full loss of service in areas of Liverpool.

All services are now back online and stable. If you are still without internet please power off your router for 30 seconds and then power it back on again if you have one. If you are in a communal address ( without a router ) please seek support. Finally, if you have factory reset your router ( DO NOT DO SO IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY ) please contact us requesting a “Remote reconfiguration” . Services deemed at risk until 6am, the incident will be reopened should any further outages occur

Services are restoring. A period of monitoring will now begin and checks carried out on each network device to ensure restoration to all equipment as quickly as possible

Our third-party provider has come back to us. Following investigations, they have acknowledged an issue with our fibre connection. They have provided a worst-case restoration time of 06/11/2023 00:06:00 however they have said they expect services to be restored much sooner. We apologise profusely for this unexpected outage. More updates will be posted as and when we get them. In the meantime, please leave all network equipment on and services will restore to your equipment following the connection to our exchange reestablishing.

We are still awaiting an update from our third party. We will supply further updates as and when we get them. Network operations continue to explore rerouting options.

If you have a router in your apartment please leave it powered on and do not press the reset button on the router as this will result in longer downtime. Updates to follow as and when we get them

We have contacted and raised a fault with the third-party provider of our link between Telehouse North and one of our Liverpool exchanges. We await news of their investigations into the failure. Our network operations team are working as quickly as possible to reroute traffic via other routes. Updates to follow