Liverpool Maintenance Window 2309004 - MDU Wednesday 29th November 2023 19:00:00

Planned Start Date: 29/11/2023 Planned Start Time: 19:00

Planned End Date: 30/11/2023 Planned End Time: 06:00

Outage Start Date: 29/11/2023 Outage Start Time: 20:00

Outage End Date: 30/11/2023 Outage End Time: 06:00

This window is classified as Affected.

This means that service is expected to be hard-down between the hours of 20:00 to 06:00 and full service impacting.

Impacted customers have been emailed

Services have been restored early.

In communal wifi premises, if you disconnect and reconnect devices and log back in your service should be restored. In premises where you have an in-room router services should have been restored, if not please power off your router for 30 seconds and power it back on again. Services are still considered "At risk" of further downtime until the Maintenance window end at 06:00:00 30/11/2023, if you have factory reset your router please email our support team ( ) for support and advice on remote reconfiguration of your router

Our monitoring systems have detected that services have just gone down indicating service-impacting work has started. Updates to follow.

We have received confirmation that this maintenance will be going ahead and that the following planned outage is confirmed and will start as highlighted below;

Planned start 29/11/2023 20:00:00 GMT Planned end 30/11/2023 06:00:00 GMT

ITY Maintenance Reference - 2309004