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Past Incidents

8th May 2024

No incidents reported

7th May 2024

No incidents reported

6th May 2024

No incidents reported

5th May 2024

No incidents reported

4th May 2024

No incidents reported

3rd May 2024

Copperas House / The Exchange Student Accommodation

We are investigating reports of loss of service at Copperas House and the exchange student accommodation. Updates to follow

  • Services restored. Services are no longer considered at risk of failure. If you are still without service please contact our support team for assistance

  • We are seeing services restore across all sites impacted by the power cut. Services considered at risk whilst we monitor service restoration

  • Update from SP Energy:

    The estimated restoration time has been amended:

    "Estimated restored time: 03/05/2024 18:00"

  • Update from SP Energy:

    "Estimated restored time: 03/05/2024 21:00"

    We are hoping for a much faster resolution time.

  • The power issue has been identified as an issue relating to SP Energy.

    Please see details of their outage below:

    "There is a power cut affecting the L1, L3 & L7 postcode areas of Liverpool. Our engineers are enroute to find and fix the fault as quickly and as safely as possible. We expect your electricity supply to be restored by 4 pm . If you require any further help or support, please call us on 105.The latest updates can be found on our website We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

    Postcodes affected:

    *******, L1, L130BQ, L19AS, L19AX, L19BD, L19BH, L19BQ, L19BX, L19BY, L19DE, L19EF, L19HZ, L19JG, L315TQ, L35, L35RF, L35SR, L35TB, L35TF, L35TQ, L35XF, L35YD, L697ZX, L77BJ, L77BL, L77BP, L77DL, L77DN, L77DP, L77EA, L77EE, L77EJ, L77HA, L77JB, L93ES"

    Reference Number: INCD-2177510-i Estimated restored time: 03/05/2024 15:57

  • The issue has been diagnosed as a loss of power to Network Equipment servicing these buildings. We are currently working with people on-site to find the route cause of the power issue. Updates to follow

  • 2nd May 2024

    No incidents reported