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Past Incidents

29th January 2024

Liverpool - Unannounced Maintenance

We have just been made aware of a Maintenance Window that will impact our internet service to Liverpool this evening. We apologise profusely for the lack of notice of these works. We were only just notified ourselves by a Third Party and currently working to contact as many customers as possible to warn them of the works. Services deemed at "High Risk" of failure at this time. We are currently also working to employ a backup provision for when services do fail.

  • Our main circuit is back up and running and services are back to normal operation.

  • Services are restoring via backup services. Backup services will see much slower than normal speeds and performance issues however service should be retained until the window ends. Updates to follow

  • Maintenance has commenced and services impacted. We are currently working to employ backup services. Updates to follow

  • 28th January 2024

    No incidents reported

    27th January 2024

    No incidents reported

    26th January 2024

    No incidents reported

    25th January 2024

    Authentication , DNS and Landline Service Failure

    Due to a loss of Virtual Machine Clusters within our Network. Our main Website, Customer services Telephone Support and Customer service account portals are currently offline. We did also observe an issue with our DNS which we have resolved via alternative routes so Internet services to customers should be working normally. Landline services in rural areas are also unavailable at this time.

    The above issue is also impacting authentication within both our rural and Liverpool Networks.


    In areas where you have a router please keep your router plugged in. Restarting the router will leave you without service until our authentication servers restore. In areas where you are in a communal address please keep your device connected to the Wifi, disconnecting your devices will mean they cannot authenticate onto the network

  • All Virtual Machines are now back online. All Services are back to normal operations. If you are still experiencing any issues please contact our support team through our normal channels.

  • We are still awaiting other Virtual machines within the cluster to come back online

  • Landline Services, our website and our customer services support line are restoring

  • 24th January 2024

    No incidents reported

    23rd January 2024

    No incidents reported