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Past Incidents

24th July 2024

No incidents reported

23rd July 2024

Manchester Manchester Local Crescent

Full Fibre Break in the footpath outside Manchester Local Crescent Building - Openreach is on site and reviewing a repair ETA at the moment to repair 2.5 hours.

  • All services have now restored. If you are still without service please contact our support team on 0333 102 0000 , Live Chat or via email at

  • Services are now restoring.

  • Engineers have now arrived on site. Further update to follow shortly.

  • Additional engineers are expected to arrive on site within 30 minutes. Further updates to follow shortly.

  • Testing has exposed a further vulnerability, this is now being investigated and additional resources being dispatched to ensure a quickest possible identification. ETA of additional engineers¬†is 60-75¬†minutes.

  • Openreach engineers remain on site and have now fixed the fibre fault. They are now working to restore services across the repaired link as soon as possible

  • 22nd July 2024

    No incidents reported

    21st July 2024

    No incidents reported

    20th July 2024

    No incidents reported

    19th July 2024

    No incidents reported

    18th July 2024

    No incidents reported

    17th July 2024

    North Lincolnshire London - Telehouse North

    We are currently receiving reports of connection issues across several areas of our network. This is currently being investigated by our Network Team.

  • Incident Closed. Engineers attended Telehouse North overnight and the faulty equipment was replaced. The new equipment was phased back into the Network and following a period of monitoring we are happy that services are no longer considered at risk

  • Services have restored to all affected areas. Our Network Operations team will now begin work on the isolated equipment responsible for the issues with updates to follow regarding our fix plan. Services are considered at risk with possibility for performance issues. Anyone still entirely without service is advised to contact our Customer Support Team on 0333 102 0000.

    Important Notice for Customers with Landline Services:

    If you are without either inbound, outbound or both calls then please power off all internetty equipment at the wall for 30 seconds and power it back on again. If you still experience issues after doing this please contact support for further assistance

    Important Notice for Customers who may have pressed the reset button on their equipment:

    Please contact support advising of this and they can assist you in service restoration via remote reconfiguration

  • Services to DN36 Postcode areas are restoring. Updates to follow

  • Services have been restored across the majority of our Network with engineers still working to restore services to DN36 Postcode areas. Updates to follow

  • We are currently watching service restoration across a large number of sites. We are still aware of issues in DN36 Postcode areas and are working to restore this as quickly as possible

  • We have isolated the piece of equipment that is causing issues and are currently working to restore all services via alternative routes. Updates to follow

  • Our Network Operations team are investigating a Core router in Telehouse North and currently working to identify the route cause of performance issues